System requirements

System requirements


The SDK requires a camera device that can be accessed via native platform APIs and provides stable 30 FPS video with the resolution of at least 640x480 pixels.

Note that a higher quality camera sensor can enable more accurate measurements under worse light and stability conditions.


Internet connectivity is required for license validation, and optional for telemetry and crash reporting.

Beyond that, there are minimum requirements depending on the target platform.


Android VersionAndroid 8.0 (API level 26) or higher
CPU architecturearm64-v8a
RAMat least 4 GB
OpenGL ES versionat least 3.0


Minimum supported iOS version is 14.0.

Minimum tested iPhone model is iPhone X. Older models updated to iOS >= 14 may work, but are not currently actively tested.


The Web SDK supports desktop and mobile web browsers (see the details below).


Note that due to the extra intermediate layers of the Web platform, the Web SDK is not as performant as the Native SDKs. As a consequence, some older mobile devices which can run the Native SDK may struggle with real-time processing in the Web SDK.

Client browser requirements

The Web version of the SDK utilizes some of the recent web standards in order to make high-performance computations in the browser possible. Browser support for those features varies.

Required browser features

The following features must be available on the client browser in order to use the SDK:

The following features are optional, but recommended:

Supported browsers

The following browsers are recommended as they implement all the required and recommended features:

  • Chrome and Chromium-based browsers (e.g. Edge, Opera) on Android/Windows/macOS/Linux

The following browsers are also supported:

  • Safari 17+ on macOS Sonoma (14.0+)
  • Safari/Chrome/other on iOS 17+ (all iOS browsers use the same WebKit engine under the hood)
  • Firefox on Android/Windows/macOS/Linux

Server requirements

In order to utilize the Web SDK, the server from which it is being served must send the following headers to the client browser:

Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy: require-corp
Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy: same-origin
Cross-Origin-Resource-Policy: same-origin

Read more about the COOP and COEP headers at (opens in a new tab)

See our public examples repository (opens in a new tab) to see how to set the headers for local development using the serve package.

Transfer requirements

  • One-time ~20MB WebAssembly download (after compression)