Choosing SDK mode

Choosing SDK mode

The Shen.AI SDK offers a spectrum of user feedback modes to choose from depending on your needs: You can use a Full UX Flow mode or remove interface elements and keep just the camera feedback. You may also choose not to use any provided visual feedback elements at all.

Full UX Flow

In Full UX Flow mode, the SDK provides a complete user experience flow, guiding the user through the measurement process and displaying the results. This mode is the default mode and is recommended for most use cases. It requires the least amount of effort to integrate but does not allow for customization of the user interface.

As we are pursuing medical certification of the SDK, Full UX Flow is the only mode that will be available in a future certified version. That is due to the fact that the entire user interaction is subject to certification, not just the measurement results.

Camera feedback

In Camera Feedback mode, the SDK provides a simple camera feedback component, displaying a camera preview along with real-time visualization. The feedback elements may optionally be turned off, down to a minimum of just displaying the camera feed. This mode is recommended for use cases where a customized user interface is required.

No visual elements

The SDK may also be used without any visual elements at all. This mode is recommended for use cases where the SDK is used to perform measurements without any user interaction such as in the background or if camera feedback is provided by other means.

To customize the visual experience of the SDK, you will need to set the appropriate options when initializing the SDK or later at runtime (see Configuration).